Limousine Charleston Pricing Policies

You'll find that Limousine Charleston provides you with one of the most cost-efficient options within the high-end luxury transportation industry around South Carolina. One of the biggest reasons for this is entirely due to the process we have in place for providing individualized quotes for each and every client we encounter. In layman's terms, we do not offer a standardized pricing structure that is only adjusted once, maybe twice a year. Our analysts are constantly poring over our costs and measuring our projected output of expenses to ensure that we are not overcharging for our services. What this means to you is that you will get the best rate possible - regardless of when your event might take place.

There's a good reason we are unable to provide online pricing!

The reason we cannot publish our prices on our pricing page is entirely due to our pricing strategy. It may be a slight inconvenience right now, but isn't saving money worth it? We feel this is the case, and that is precisely why we have a bunch of loyal, repeat customers who appreciate our highly transparent and flexible process. Our entire business is built around serving the awesome people who trust us with their luxury transportation needs. That includes our mantra of providing the most reasonable rates we possibly can. You get a good rate, and we can still make a reasonable profit to ensure we remain here to serve you in the long term.

We are available to help you!

You can call us at any time, day or night, and get a personalized quote that applies to your specific situation. We are fair and find every last way that we can to lower the cost of your limousine or party bus adventure. We do this, as alluded to above, by factoring in all that is part of your planned trip. Call us with as much info as you can, and we'll be glad to help you. Every one of our booking experts uses the same methodology to save you on your cost.

You can also reach us by email and get your quote digitally. We try our best to make things as convenient as possible, so we do monitor our email box alongside the phone lines. However, if you want the most immediate answer possible... It's always best to call.

Let us know:

We stand ready to serve! Our operators are ready and willing to help 24/7. When you are prepared to get your personalized quote, please have the following bits of information ready so we can accurately provide the pricing for your event's transportation:

Date of event

Number of passengers

Pick up location

Drop off location

Length of time

That's it! If you have that info, we're ready to quote you. Just click below!

Ready to call for a limo or party bus price?

Here's the info we need!

Here's what we need: The Date of your event, the time you'll be picked up, the location we're picking you up at, and the maximum number of passengers we will need to accommodate.


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