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We understand that even though we are an affordable luxury option for chauffeured transportation. The price is still not like going out and buying a latte at your favorite coffee shop. Because we wish to be 100% transparent in every step of our process, we have endeavored to bring you as much of a complete picture on our website as possible for those with specific questions that may not be on other pages here. This is where we do our best to cover any additional questions you might have.

So, if you find yourself with a few different questions about our services, here's where you're going to want to start. We have compiled, with the assistance of our booking agents, some of the questions we receive on almost a daily basis (if not more).

Still, as comprehensive as we attempt to be, not every limousine or party bus-related question can be covered in its entirety here. That's precisely why we keep our phones on and our email handy all throughout the day and night. We understand that life never stops, and we want to be available to you whenever your questions or needs arise. Get in touch with us! We will be more than happy to provide any answer you are looking to have answered. No matter how big or small you may perceive it to be.

For the 'run of the mill' nighttime runs, we require a six-hour minimum rental. We do keep our hourly rates down quite low and add no additional charges without full disclosure upfront. We will go over everything in implicit detail when you call us up for a booking. You are always welcome to call us with your particular needs because there are definitely exceptions to this policy. Also, if you are going on a daytime trip or you are planning a wedding, we oftentimes have completely different and lower-costing packages for those specific conditions.

We can't give you an exact amount of time that you should call us in advance. This is simply because everything is subject to a 'first come, first served' way of handling things - out of fairness. Now, we do recommend as a rule of thumb - that you call us a few weeks in advance to book for any prospective weekend date. Weekends are always booked earlier than weekdays. We recommend this because we want you to be sure that you can get the vehicle that you want on the day that you are interested in.

Yes, we do! We are able to offer red carpet service, non-alcoholic drinks, decorations, and flat-rate pricing for most wedding dates. We also provide the ability to earn package deals if you book your bachelor/bachelorette parties and your wedding.

NO! Our pricing includes a limitless amount of stops, pick-ups, and mileage.

You are allowed to go as far as you would like to go in the amount of time that you have booked. We love to take you on your longer excursions and have specially-trained chauffeurs to drive for you.

As long as everyone in your group is 21 years of age or older, everyone with you can drink alcoholic beverages. This is one of the biggest "perks" of riding behind the steady hands of a professional chauffeur. Everyone legally of the drinking age is allowed to drink on the road! That is one of the many added bonuses of renting a limousine or party bus from a professional.

If you wish to take a look at the limousines, we have regular business hours in which our doors are open to you. Please call to set this up so that we can be sure that the limo you are most interested in is available for viewing. As far as reaching us by phone, we never close.

Both are great choices. However, the primary differentiation is largely appearance and headroom. You will enjoy the same awesome amenities whether you rent a limousine or a party bus. The limos will have a bit more of a "wow" factor pulling up to the door and are often the choice for more classic, intimate events that do not require the voluminous interiors of a party bus. Party buses are the most popular choice for wedding parties because they offer a lot more space to move around in often bulky wedding attire.

If I am looking to acquire a price quote,

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To get your "out the door" pricing, we need a few bits of information: The Date of your event, the time you'll be picked up, the location we're picking you up at, and the maximum number of passengers we will need to accommodate.

If you have this information, we are ready to assist! For contact information, simply tap or click on the button below!


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