Frequently asked questions for Limousine Charleston

Is there a minimum amount of time that we must rent the limousines for?

For the 'run of the mill' night time runs, we require a six hour minimum rental but we keep our hourly rates down quite low and add no additional charges. You could always call us with your particular needs because there are exceptions to this policy and also, if you are going on a day-time trip or you are planning a wedding, we have completely different and lower-costing packages for you!

Should we book our limo far in advance or can we do so last-minute?

We can't give an exact amount of time that you should call us in advance because everything is subject to a 'first come, first served' way of handling things - out of fairness. Now, we do recommend as a rule of thumb that you call us a few weeks in advance to book for a weekend date; just to insure that you can get the vehicle that you want on the day that you are interested in.

Do you offer special wedding packages?

Yes, we do! Red Carpet Service, Drinks, Decorations, Flat-Rate Pricing and Discounts for Booking Your Parties WITH Your Weddings.

Is there a fee for every stop that we make?

NO! Our pricing includes a limitless amount of stops, pick-ups and mileage.

My pickup location is in metropolitan Charleston but I wish to travel quite far. Is this possible?

You are allowed to go as far as you would like to go in the amount of time that you have booked. We love to take you on your longer excursions and have specially-trained chauffeurs to drive for you.

Who can drink on the limousines?

As long as everyone in your group is 21 years of age or older, everyone with you can drink alcoholic beverages. We are properly licensed and insured to do such things. That is one of the many added plusses of renting a limousine.

What are your hours of operation?

If you wish to take a look at the limousines, we have regular business hours in which our doors are open to you. Please call to set this up so that we can be sure that the limo that you are most interested in is available for viewing. As far as reaching us by phone, we never close.