The Limousine Charleston Story

We would like to let everyone who is visiting our page know that we are the kind of company that loves to have informed clients. Keeping up with this practice helps both us and you. There is only one way to do business in our eyes and that is entirely based on what we call the fairness principle. We do this because our number one wish is for you to be as comfortable as possible when booking your limousine or party bus adventure. This is one small way that we can help to make your experience that much better.

How we built our business

We founded our business on a mantra of the art of customer service which encompasses a foundation of fairness and full transparency at every step along our process. We believe that too many companies in our industry seem to be working for a "quick buck". This prevents them from offering the level of attentiveness we feel each of our clients deserves. So when we began this adventure, we decided to find like-minded people who could dedicate the necessary time and effort to our clients. Boy, did we succeed. We have a team that is passionately dedicated to ensuring you have the world-class experience you're looking for. This applies to every single member of our team, and we are proud of their efforts to bring you the very best!

A big part of our experience, is making sure we're always available to you

Please feel free to call or email us with your questions, concerns and your feedback. Since, communication is our main focus - We ensure we're always here for you, for whatever need might arise. Any company can provide great vehicles and hire good drivers. We like to consider ourselves friends with our customers. And, once you do business with us, we believe you'll appreciate all we do to ensure your comfort and confidence in our service.

If we didn't answer all of your questions on our FAQ page, don't worry! Give us a call with any that you may have. We'd be more than happy to answer them for you.

As you may have guessed, we have a lot of different friends in the limousine and party bus industry, throughout our beautiful country. If you're planning on traveling to North Carolina, check out the best provider of Party Buses in Charlotte for your transportation needs.


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If there is anything that we have failed to cover, please bring it to our attention. We like to think that we are on top of everything but thinking and knowing are different things…